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The Top Mistakes Content Creators Make –And How to Avoid Them

Or for anyone at the meeting, they’re more like “misconceptions” than mistakes. Regardless, the presentation was very informative with facts ranging from copyright laws to rules on fair use. The speaker that presented is a well-known figure named Sharon L. Toerek, Principle Toerek Law (if you want to learn more about her in depth, you can right here) who is… Read more »

To Pixar and Beyond. A Book Review and Comparison to Other Titles

A book review by Spike Radway I recently enjoyed the newly released book, “To Pixar and Beyond. My Unlikely Journey with Steve Jobs to Make Entertainment History” by Lawrence Levy. Enough to take the time to write a review and encourage Cleveland Digital Publishing User Group (CDPUG) members to read this recently released title. I have read a few books… Read more »

The Diane Rehm Show Covers the same topic as the July CDPUG Speaker!

The July 28, 2016 CDPUG program features Jenny Hawkins, visiting CWRU Assistant Professor of Economics at CWRU, talking about the topic “Freelancing in an Evolving Gig Economy.” The NPR Program, the Diane Rehm Show has recently devoted a program to the same topic. Great Minds Think A Like! Click this link to listen to the program “The Future of the Sharing… Read more »

“Freelancing in an Evolving Gig Economy”

Below is a link to a YouTube video by our July speaker, Jenny Hawkins, visiting CWRU Assistant Professor of Economics at CWRU, talking about the topic “The Demise of 9 to 5 Work.” I am always scouting for speakers for CDPUG and discovered Jenny Hawkins while attending a Sunday Morning Community Forum of the First Unitarian Church of Cleveland. This… Read more »

My Life with Omni Focus 2 for iPhone – HIGTD or "How I Get Things Done"

My Life with Omni Focus 2 for iPhone – HIGTD or “How I Get Things Done” Over the years, I’ve tended to reject the “blank on a shoestring” approach to anything from marketing to time management. I personally think it is most productive to use the tools that are not only available, but best suited to achieve the desired end… Read more »

Achieve success for digital media with project management tools

By: Dan Yurman, CDPUG Blog Manager This blog post is a summary of the presentation delivered at the CDPUG monthly meeting on Thursday February 27, 2014.  The presentation slides are available via the links below in Powerpoint and PDF formats.  This is a large file in either format so please be patient while it loads. * Powerpoint slides (PPTX) (PDF) Introduction It is… Read more »

SEO Essentials: Helping Clients Find Your Photography Business Online

SEO Essentials: Helping Clients Find Your Photography Business Online Speaker: Blake Discher Now that Google let the Panda out of the zoo, things have changed dramatically in the world of search engine optimization. Did you know that most photo buyers now use the Internet to locate photographers? Is your Web site compatible with search engines? Are features of your site’s… Read more »

Carolyn Lewis, CDPUG member goes Extremely Mobile with her "IGotABike" Blog

Carolyn Lewis, CDPUG Member and recent panelist at the January Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group (CDPUG) program “Best Business Practices for the Creative Professional: How To Be A Mega Success Story,” is on a bike trip from Lake Erie to the Ohio River. As an avid biker and the designer of the printed map of the Ohio to Erie bike trail,… Read more »

ASMP-ONC Presents: Equipment Essentials and Options for DSLR Video

Are you turning away video assignments because you are not sure where to begin with equipment solutions? You know that your DSLR does fantastic video, but what other equipment is necessary to accomplish professional video capture? Join us on May 21st as Nathan Destro, Manager of Dodd Camera’s Cleveland Rental Department, helps shed some light on the essential equipment for… Read more »

“Freelancing Fundamentals” with Tom Geller. Video Course Review

Video Course Review “Freelancing Fundamentals” with Tom Geller. Video Course Review In this video course offered through, Tom Geller explains how to transition into freelancing, no matter what field you are in. In a sincere and thorough manner, he presents a comprehensive overview of how to start off on the right foot, with additional hard-earned tips based on his… Read more »