It’s Your Creativity — Protect it! Licensing and Work for Hire Agreements

1969-12-31 7:00 PM

For those who create copyrightable works for others, a basic understanding of the “work made for hire” doctrine is a must. It is important to know what constitutes a “work for hire,” what terms in a contract for a “work for hire” you are likely to see, and what terms the creator of the work can include in such a contract to preserve some interest of the creator in the work. Ms. Rowles will provide an overview of this complex doctrine and what to look for in a “work for hire” contract.

For those who have existing copyrightable works that others want to use, an understanding of licensing arrangements is critical. It is best to think of your copyright in a work as a “bundle” of individual rights that you can assign or license in whole or piece- by-piece. The creator of a work should know when a licensing arrangement is appropriate, as opposed to a “work for hire” arrangement, and what terms should be included in a licensing agreement. Ms. Rowles will cover how to decide what type of contractual arrangement is appropriate for the work to be used, what rights constitute your “bundle” of rights, and how to protect each individual right in your “bundle.”

Ms. Rowles has represented plaintiffs and defendants in federal, state, and appellate courts in the areas of contract, business, labor and employment, and construction. She has also helped small businesses with registration and protecting their intellectual property. Prior to joining Schuster & Simmons, Ms. Rowles was an assistant editor for a legal publishing firm authoring books and articles for corporate counsel in the areas of intellectual property (including copyright and trademark) and e-commerce. Ms. Rowles formerly managed an art gallery and frame store in the Greater Cincinnati area that carried works by national and local artists. 

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