Keeping Your Digital Life in Sync (Or How to Keep Cloud Computing From Getting In Your Way)

2009-07-30 All day

Spike Radway, long time CDPUG veteran will demonstrate successful methods he has developed to help keep his Digital Life in Sync. Spike manages multiple computers and coordinates multiple calendars and contacts with his business associate Scott “Scooter” Seifert, and with his better four fifths Christi Carlson. The three make up Team Spike Consulting LLC, a digital management and consulting firm that supports Macs in the Graphic Arts.

Topics will include managing your calendars, addresses. email, bookmarks, passwords, photos, and files in-between multiple computers, and in-between multiple devices like the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod Touch, and RIM BlackBerry. Spike’s presentation will also include managing music/podcasts. And everything he presents will include a focus on back-ups.

Fred Dugach will cover various syncing topics for Windows.

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