Plug-in Potpourri. Extend Your Productivity and Creativity!

2009-08-27 - 2016-08-27 All day

A variety of CDPUG members will demonstrate their favorite plug-ins. Come and see how they use these cool third party products to increase their creativity and their productivity. And even their profitability.

Stan Kohn will demonstrate PhotomatixPro 3.1.3 for HDR (High Dynamic Range), and PDF Browser Plugin 2.3.1 which turns your web browser into a PDF viewer.

John O’Donell will demonstrate Firebug, a web development plug-in for FireFox, and YSlow, a plugin with tests and utilitiesthat help build faster web pages.

Spike Radway will demonstrate several Quicklook Plug-ins for Mac OS 10.5x Leopard.

Henry Lee will present the Adobe inDesign Plug-in Pattern Maker by Teacup Software. Pattern Maker makes powerful PostScript patterns for InDesign CS, CS2, CS3 and CS4. Henry will also present Comnet’s FoldUP3D plug-in for illustrator. FoldUP!3D 1.5 brings intuitive packaging design to Adobe Illustrator 8, 9, 10, and CS.

CDPUG President Janet Dodrill will present Adobe InDesign Plug-ins “Image Horn” and “Image Library Loader.” ImageHorn is a free plug-in designed to enable dynamic image fitting (‘horn’ like in ‘shoehorn’). Image Library Loader is a free tool that gives you a floating library-palette filled with images that are automatically retrieved from one or more folders.

Carolyn Lewis will also show a quick demo of OfficeTime, a time tracking product she reviewed for the CDPUG Blog and a follow up to our Creative Project Management program in May.

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    Speaker Bio:
    Ari Wilson (@faqsonly) has worked in the telecommunications and consumer technology sectors for nearly 13 years as growth strategist for some of the industries biggest companies, i.e. Nokia, AT&T, Motorola, Verizon and Palm, Inc. to name a few.

    His work as a brand evangelist for Palm, Inc. was instrumental in the rollout for the Palm Pre, which went on to be the first fastest selling smartphone in Sprint’s history. He’s also perhaps best known as an Apple subject matter expert, recognized in the industry for his intimate knowledge of all things iPhone.

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    GRAPHIC MEANS: A History of Graphic Design Production
    USA, 2017, Briar Levit

    This new documentary explores how graphic design production was accomplished before the advent of the desktop computer almost three decades ago. From the 1950s and into the 1990s, it took some ingenious analog machines and tools, and skilled hands, to marry images and type on meticulously prepared paste-up boards that were delivered to the printer. This fascinating overview by art instructor Briar Levit remembers this vanished moment in design history.

    Cleveland premiere. DVD. 90 min. Screening co-sponsored by AIGA Cleveland, Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group (CDPUG), and the Northern Ohio Illustrators Society (NOIS). AIGA, CDPUG, and NOIS members $7.

    The Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group will celebrate our 30th Anniversary afterwards. Stay tuned for details.

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