Book Review: "How to Master the Art of Selling," by Smarter Comics. 2011

How to master the art of selling

Summary: Tom Hopkins, who has produced a myriad of sales training videos, books, and CDs, teams up with illustrator Bob Byrne to produce this book. He offers selling strategies and techniques and discusses the seven basics that all successful sales professionals do well. He also recommends successful attitudes to adopt and offers advice on goal setting. The book is intended for anyone that wants to persuade others.

Why this book? I’ve been nervous about launching a freelance business because I don’t feel natural selling my skills to others. It’s out of my comfort zone. Finally it dawned on me that this is a skill that I can learn, just like Photoshop. So, I ordered a book from the library. When it arrived I was surprised to find that this book looks like a comic. The original 400-page book has been reduced to its essential elements.

Strengths: This is a very quick read and a great summary of techniques that have been successful for others. It gave me a nice reminder to try and see things from the point of view of my customer. I found the section on attitudes toward rejection especially helpful. “We are judged not by the number of our failures but the number of our successes.”

Weaknesses: Although the strategies in this book can be applied to persuasion of any kind it focuses on the sale of an object rather than the sale of services.  The brevity of this book is a weakness as well as a strength. I finished wanting more detail.  I guess I can always order the long version.

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