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Pop-up book tales, trials & triumphs with Keith Allen

As a tribute to his departed Grandfather, Keith Allen created a pop-up book… that is, he, his brother and Grandmother created a pop-up book. Keith served as the paper engineer, his brother as the illustrator and Grandma was the storyteller, marketer and calligrapher/artist. The story centers around what a fun and special place Rehoboth Beach is – after all it… Read more »

My Life with Omni Focus 2 for iPhone – HIGTD or "How I Get Things Done"

My Life with Omni Focus 2 for iPhone – HIGTD or “How I Get Things Done” Over the years, I’ve tended to reject the “blank on a shoestring” approach to anything from marketing to time management. I personally think it is most productive to use the tools that are not only available, but best suited to achieve the desired end… Read more »

Achieve success for digital media with project management tools

By: Dan Yurman, CDPUG Blog Manager This blog post is a summary of the presentation delivered at the CDPUG monthly meeting on Thursday February 27, 2014.  The presentation slides are available via the links below in Powerpoint and PDF formats.  This is a large file in either format so please be patient while it loads. * Powerpoint slides (PPTX) (PDF) Introduction It is… Read more »