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Pop-up book tales, trials & triumphs with Keith Allen

As a tribute to his departed Grandfather, Keith Allen created a pop-up book… that is, he, his brother and Grandmother created a pop-up book. Keith served as the paper engineer, his brother as the illustrator and Grandma was the storyteller, marketer and calligrapher/artist. The story centers around what a fun and special place Rehoboth Beach is – after all it… Read more »

This might be the best thing you will see all day!

Check out Bill Cohen-Kiraly‘s stunning photographs of the visually rich Asian Lantern Festival at the Cleveland Zoo, shot in Anaglyph 3-D format. He uses two side-by-side Samsung NX1000 cameras connected by a dual cable release and then combines them into a single 3-D image in StereoPhoto Maker. More of his images can be viewed at The Asian Lantern Festival… Read more »

Private Tour of the Graphics and Visualization Lab (GVIS) at the NASA Glenn Research Center — Part 2

By Stan Bujak Imagine traveling 935,581,827 miles to Saturn to be submerged in a submarine into a sea of liquid hydrogen on a planet that is nine times the size of the Earth. The team at the Graphics and Visualization Lab (GVIS) at the NASA Glenn Research Center has created this virtual reality simulator to help scientists explore Saturn’s surface…. Read more »

Productive Design Mac Bundle Recommended by CDPUG President, Henry Lee

I sent CDPUG President Henry Lee a link to this Productive Design Mac Bundle thinking it might be one of those CrapWare bundles to ignore. It’s not! Henry was so excited that he bought it on the spot. And Henry is a thrifty guy!  The bundle includes Ember, Pixa, Poser 10, Anime Studio Pro 10, Art Text 2, TotalFinder, and… Read more »

The Ohio Stereo Photographic Society

The Ohio Stereo Photographic Society is a group of hobby photographers that meet to learn about the exciting world of 3D photography. Monthly, meetings are held from September to June at the Days Inn in Richfield on the first Tuesday of the month, 7:00 in the evening. The meetings consist of a presentation, often an instructional one, and then a… Read more »