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Bookkeeping Made Ease-y

The program for the August monthly meeting, “Interactive Bookkeeping Workshop for Graphic Artists and Small Business,” was a very informative and productive gathering of CDPUG members at BudgetEase, an experienced group of bookkeepers located in Shaker Heights on Lee Road. In an expansive and airy space with many windows open to the busy street, Kathy Dise, president of BudgetEase, divided… Read more »

"Take Control of iCloud, Third Edition" answers all your iCloud questions

“Take Control of iCloud, Third Edition” answers all your iCloud questions Apple’s iCloud service has changed dramatically in recent weeks thanks to OS X 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8, and we now have a new edition of Joe Kissell’s best-selling “Take Control of iCloud” to help you adjust to the many changes. Notably, Joe thoroughly explains the differences between (and… Read more »

Meeting Wrap-Up: June 26th Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 Create Now! Event at Cleveland Botanical Garden

Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 Create Now! Event at Cleveland Botanical Garden On June 26, Adobe sponsored a great evening for 205 creatives at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. After a cocktail hour in the gardens (catered by Bon Appetit), the crowd was treated to two hours of feature highlights from Senior Adobe Evangelist Paul Trani (@paultrani, and, and Adobe Community Expert… Read more »

Get help with using Dropbox and understanding the Cloud

Dropbox is the Internet’s most heavily used file storage and sharing service, and whether you’re already employing it or are still feeling your way into cloud services, we have a pair of new books that will help you take advantage of the power of the cloud for storing, syncing, and sharing data faster and more flexibly than ever before. These… Read more »

"Take Control of the Cloud"

“Take Control of the Cloud” cuts through the cloud hype True or false? Stormy weather can interfere with cloud computing. Apart from a lightning strike or falling branch cutting power, no, it can’t, but 51% of Americans believe it can, and another 29% of respondents in a 2012 survey thought the Cloud has something to do with an actual cloud…. Read more »

"Take Control of iCloud, Second Edition" solves iCloud confusions

“Take Control of iCloud, Second Edition” solves iCloud confusions Good day! Given how pervasive iCloud has become for Apple users, we’re particularly happy to bring you the second edition of Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of iCloud.” This title has helped over 10,000 Mac and iOS users since iCloud debuted in 2011. In it, Joe offers insight into what iCloud is… Read more »

Joe Kissell's "Take Control of Dropbox" helps you learn and teach Dropbox

Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of Dropbox” helps you learn and teach Dropbox Good day! Here at Take Control, we’ve long been huge fans of the Dropbox file-sharing service, relying on it every day to collaborate on manuscripts with our authors and editors. Now we’re pleased to share our expertise with you in the form of Joe Kissell’s latest ebook, “Take… Read more »

"Take Control of iCloud" ebook updated to cover Apple's many changes

Subject: “Take Control of iCloud” ebook updated to cover Apple’s many changes Time for a pop quiz! Is iCloud (a) packed with useful features, (b) more complex than Apple lets on, (c) almost essential for Mac and iOS use, (d) thoroughly documented by Joe Kissell in “Take Control of iCloud,” or (e) all of the above? The answer, as you… Read more »

Are Brick and Mortar PC Users Groups Still Relevant?

I am old enough to remember when the Apple IIGS came out along with the Tandy TSR80 and young enough to catch the evolution of today’s migration to Cloud computing. What an amazing time we live in! Along the way, I’ve had the benefit of using PCs on both computing platforms and then some, including many of the mobile platforms:… Read more »

Prepare for Mountain Lion with new Take Control books!

Prepare for Mountain Lion with new Take Control books! Apple is poised to release OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion in July, and we want to help smooth your transition to Apple’s next big cat. Because many of you will want to upgrade soon, we have Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of Upgrading to Mountain Lion” for sale now, with Matt Neuburg’s… Read more »