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When the Software Gets Ahead of the Hardware

Microsoft releases “feature updates” to Windows 10 every six months. I could do without these. Just make it faster and fix the bugs. If PC manufacturers don’t keep up with Microsoft by updating device drivers (the software tying Windows to hardware components), we’re left with computers that try and fail to install feature updates. I’m not in the market for… Read more »

Talking Tech with GRAMMY® Award Winner Erica Brenner

by Jinni Fontana, with Erica Brenner When I listen to classical music, I initially feel it in my brain; but the GRAMMY® award-winning, Apollo’s Fire “Songs of Orpheus”, immediately fired up my heart. It is visceral, stirring, and passionate, and the way producer Erica Brenner has captured all of these ethereal qualities is beyond exceptional. The album was the well-deserved… Read more »

30% Discount on “Take Control of 1Password, 4th ed.” for MUG Members

Right now, Mac User Group (MUG) members get 30% off of “Take Control of 1Password, 4th ed.” For only $10.49, you can learn all there is to know about creating, securing, and keeping track of your unique passwords. From two-actor authentication (2FA) to syncing and sharing passwords with your family or team, this book focuses on 1Password 7 for Mac… Read more »

Private Tour of the Graphics and Visualization Lab (GVIS) at the NASA Glenn Research Center — Part 2

By Stan Bujak Imagine traveling 935,581,827 miles to Saturn to be submerged in a submarine into a sea of liquid hydrogen on a planet that is nine times the size of the Earth. The team at the Graphics and Visualization Lab (GVIS) at the NASA Glenn Research Center has created this virtual reality simulator to help scientists explore Saturn’s surface…. Read more »

How cool is this? Transforming Flash Drive

Under the “I have to have it” category is this incredible transforming USB 2.0 compliant 2GB Flash Drive that is compatible with both Macs and PCs. First released in 2009 to tie into the Transformer 2 movie, the first run of these unique flash drives sold out at an eye-popping $42 a piece and were intended more for display rather… Read more »

Are Brick and Mortar PC Users Groups Still Relevant?

I am old enough to remember when the Apple IIGS came out along with the Tandy TSR80 and young enough to catch the evolution of today’s migration to Cloud computing. What an amazing time we live in! Along the way, I’ve had the benefit of using PCs on both computing platforms and then some, including many of the mobile platforms:… Read more »

Greater Cleveland PC Users Group Meeting. Window Live & More.

Microsoft Evangelist Matt Hester will be visiting GCPCUG on Saturday, September 10 from 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM. to talk about Windows Live and other cloud based products from Microsoft and how anyone can use them. Matt will give a demo of Photo Fuze using his family photos. The meeting will take place at Cleveland State University in the Main Classroom Building… Read more »

Microsoft restricts virtualization liscence

Posted by Wkiraly at 7/13/2007 12:59 PM Here’s an interesting article that came through an email newsletter I get. Microsoft wants even more of your money… You Can’t Virtualize Vista Home Basic or Home Premium Editions Microsoft is tightening its virtualization licensing in some versions of Windows Vista. The EULA for Vista Home Basic and Vista Home Premium states that,… Read more »