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New Ebook for Text Mavens: "Take Control of BBEdit"

Is text a large part of your life? Do you write blog posts, code Web pages, search through log files, generate database reports, and regularly look for needles in textual haystacks? The best tool on the Mac for those tasks is BBEdit, from Bare Bones Software. But BBEdit is a deep program, and many people – even long-time users –… Read more »

Greater Cleveland PC Users Group Meeting. Window Live & More.

Microsoft Evangelist Matt Hester will be visiting GCPCUG on Saturday, September 10 from 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM. to talk about Windows Live and other cloud based products from Microsoft and how anyone can use them. Matt will give a demo of Photo Fuze using his family photos. The meeting will take place at Cleveland State University in the Main Classroom Building… Read more »

New Take Control Ebook Helps Eager OS X Lion Upgraders

Apple is poised to release OS X Lion at some point in July, and our authors have been burning the midnight oil to help you get started with Apple’s latest big cat. But there’s no reason to wait for Lion to ship to start preparing for the upgrade, and to that end, we have Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of Upgrading… Read more »

Adobe CS5.5 Launched!

Adobe has launched version 5.5 of its Creative Suite of design and art applications across print, digital and motion media – and it should be out by the end of April. Users of Photoshop and Illustrator will be disappointed with a lack of new tools as these have been barely upgraded – they’re still called version 5, not 5.5 –… Read more »

Using Word Cloud Graphics for Branding

A Word Cloud is a visual representation of some text as a bunch of words based on a weight associated to each word. Typically, the frequency (keyword density) of the words in the page is used as the weight even though some other metric might be used. There are a number of online free word cloud generators that uses word… Read more »

The 2011 Print and ePublishing Conference

The 2011 Print and ePublishing Conference Washington DC, USA May 23–25, 2011 Join the world’s top InDesign experts and members of the Adobe InDesign team, May 23-25 in Washington DC for the InDesign event of the year! Find answers and valuable insight on the topics publishing for eBooks, print, interactive documents, and more! Be inspired by fresh ideas and new… Read more »

Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac, Fifth Edition

Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac, Fifth Edition Read essential advice for running Windows on your Mac in this 178-page ebook! Using an Intel-based Mac means you can choose the best of both worlds—running Mac OS X or running Windows—but what’s the optimal way way to go about it? Cross-platform expert Joe Kissell has distilled untold hours of… Read more »

Google Docs adds file types to online viewer

It’s a lot easier to look at different file types and you don’t need the software your computer to do it Ever get a file from a colleague or a client and realize you can’t open it?  That’s frustrating because in the past, if the file was important enough, it meant you had to either track down someone who had… Read more »

Take Control Publisher (and User Group Supporter) Release New e-Book on MobileMe

Adam and Tonya Engst, Take Control: “Take Control of MobileMe, Second Edition” demystifies Apple’s online service. We’re pleased to bring you Joe Kissell’s new “Take Control of MobileMe, Second Edition.” Whether you already use Apple’s MobileMe service or are considering adding it to your online toolkit, this e-book will ensure that you get the most out of your subscription. MobileMe’s… Read more »