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Web Design Experts Discuss Importance of UI Design

Our June meeting featured a lively panel discussion on user interface design at LeanDog on the beautiful shore of Lake Erie. Thanks to Debbie Stahl of LeanDog, Custom Software Development & Consulting for sharing their beautiful ship shape office space. The 5 person panel consisted of: Lisa Gruber-Gebby – a Principal of OrangeWall Creative a design and interactive firm with over… Read more »

Why doesn’t anyone visit your beautiful website?

By Kelli Swan The reason you may have so few visitors is that your website does not show up on internet searches. Google and other search engines look for very specific information on a website before ranking it with regard to the words or phrases (search terms) people typically use when looking up information on the internet. While the algorithms… Read more »

Recap of the Ashleigh Axios presentation in Akron

The Office of Digital Strategy was created by Barack Obama in 2008 to establish a digital identity not only for the White House as an institution, but for the President and his policies as well. Starting with a staff of twenty people, the team was focused on the simple design and clear communication of all information emanating from the White… Read more »

WordPress Links from the August Meeting

Heidi Cool did a fantastic presentation for CDPUG at the Thursday, August 30th meeting. There was a great turn out and lot interest in the topic of WordPress. For follow-up information from the program, check Heidi’s link for useful information about WordPress.

Making Joyful Noise With Your Computer For Fun and Profit Posted to CDPUG's Slideshare Account

The July 28th, 2011 CDPUG program “Making Joyful Noise With Your Computer For Fun and Profit” has been posted to the CDPUG Slideshare Account. To view it, go to the CDPUG Slideshare Page. The meeting description is… Sure, music has charms to “soothe the savage breast”, but it also has been known to help out in movies (can you imagine… Read more »

CDPUG Meeting Videos Now Posted On-line and Available to iTunes!!!

CDPUG Meeting Videos have now been posted on-line. Richard Sandy, CDPUG Multimedia Director has been hard at work recording, editing, and posting content from recent meetings. Way to go Richard. The videos can be viewed on-line at . The content can be viewed at the Podbean site, but you can also subscribe in i-Tunes. To do so, you need… Read more »

Using Word Cloud Graphics for Branding

A Word Cloud is a visual representation of some text as a bunch of words based on a weight associated to each word. Typically, the frequency (keyword density) of the words in the page is used as the weight even though some other metric might be used. There are a number of online free word cloud generators that uses word… Read more »

Browser wars heating up in 2011

Microsoft Internet Explorer release candidate now available Microsoft maintains Internet Explorer release candidate 9 includes advancements in standards compatibility and user experience. The Release Candidate supports geolocation, WebM video (with the installation of a V8 code on Windows) and playback of H.264-encoded video using the HTML5 video tag.  Speed has reportedly been improved by 35% over the initial beta. Internet… Read more »

Don't be a design dinosaur

How to avoid the Fred Flintstone effect It is every graphic artist’s nightmare. You’ve landed an invitation to show your portfolio to a really big, important potential client.  After a week of sweating the details, and getting just the right clothes, you arrive to show your stuff. Five minutes into the presentation the prospect tells you that they are looking… Read more »