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Tools and Resources for Web Designers

Here are some tools studying, writing, and debugging web code Commercial Code Editing Software Adobe Dreamweaver (mac/pc) BB Edit (mac) Taco Edit (mac) Freeware and Open Source Code Editing Software Notepad++ (pc) Blue fish (mac/pc) Free developer plugins for your favorite web browser Firebug for Firefox (and other browsers) Web Developer Toolbar in Firefox and Chrome Web Inspector for Safari… Read more »

Freeway Pro 5.0 by Softpress. Reviewed by Chris Suster.

Freeway Pro 5.0 by Softpress ( I have over 25 years experience in the field of graphic design. I worked in several design firms and ad agencies before going on to open my studio, Christopher Design in 2004. My specialty is in designing and producing print materials such as annual reports, brochures, brand identity and packaging. I have wanted to… Read more »

Here's how to do an Our People page…

Posted by Wkiraly at 10/9/2009 2:18 PM While browsing sites in my job search, I came across what is so far my favorite ever “Our People” page on Cleveland marketing firm Liggett Stashower’s site. It’s intuitive and makes the company’s people seem friendly and inviting. At the same time, it is all concept, it would not be too technically difficult… Read more »

If It Looks Corporate, Change It

Posted by Wkiraly at 9/8/2009 8:51 AM    Jeff Atwood of “Coding Horror” often has interesting topics on his blog, mostly about the down and dirty of programming but this one should be of interest to all our designers too, In it, he argues, that we are getting prone to “Happy Talk” be it visual or verbal. He and the… Read more »