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Talking Tech with GRAMMY® Award Winner Erica Brenner

by Jinni Fontana, with Erica Brenner When I listen to classical music, I initially feel it in my brain; but the GRAMMY® award-winning, Apollo’s Fire “Songs of Orpheus”, immediately fired up my heart. It is visceral, stirring, and passionate, and the way producer Erica Brenner has captured all of these ethereal qualities is beyond exceptional. The album was the well-deserved… Read more »

New DVD Release of “Graphic Means” Available for Pre-sale

The DVD of “Graphic Means: A History of Graphic Design Production” will be available on DVD, iTunes, and Vimeo, on November 23, 2018. This 2-DVD set is available for pre-ordering at $24.95, and includes four extra scenes as well as the official trailer. Members may recall this film from the screening at our CDPUG 30-year anniversary meeting in August, 2017…. Read more »

Get Thee to the Store!

Most fashion designers agree that the hottest fashion trend for the Fall/Winter 2018 season is anything with a CDPUG logo on it. Okay, that sentence isn’t true, but major fashion trends typically emerge from “street style” and why couldn’t the swag you purchase from the CDPUG store become the next big fashion statement in Cleveland? Sure, the CLE is… Read more »

30% Off Mojave and iOS 12 Titles from Take Control Books

Take Control Books is pleased to offer Macintosh Users Group (MUG) and CDPUG members three new titles that provide early access to information about Mojave and iOS 12. Buy all three books together for only $25.98, a savings of up to $14. This price includes free updates when new information is added to the books. In Take Control of Upgrading to… Read more »

Mastering Portraits – Portrait Workshop to Benefit Homeless Veterans and Families

Dodd Camera will be hosting a workshop in Columbus on September 30th, to benefit homeless veterans. An event that usually has a $70 admission, you can get in for free if you bring in laundry soap, lotion, deodorant, body wash, and socks of any size for men or women (they prefer to have them new and unopened.) This workshop will… Read more »

Explore Sketching! (Workshops by CDPUG Services Directory Director Karen Jewel-Kett)

This workshop consists of 3 Saturday morning classes on the basics of drawing. We will work in my studio in a relaxed atmosphere to explore the fundamentals of sketching for fun. You will be introduced to the basic principles of line, gesture, contour, shading and shadow, and drawing from life. I will also give you tips on how to select… Read more »

Stuart Smith promotes Cleveland Tech and Social Media meetings

Providing updates on technical user group meetings and some entrepreneurial networking events in the greater Cleveland area, Stuart Smith is a one man tour de force when it comes to promoting Cleveland’s burgeoning tech and social media. Did you know? Stuart O. Smith, Jr., is the Website Director at Notre Dame College and holds a Master of Nonprofit Organizations (MNO)… Read more »