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The HDRI Handbook Book Review

 Posted by Spike Radway at 1/24/2010 7:06 PM “The HDRI Handbook”  by Christian Bloch ISBN 978-1-933952-05-5, 1st Edition 2007 by Rocky Nook Inc.  Reviewed by Stan Kohn. I like the fact that the author has not assumed that the reader knows much (or anything) about High Dynamic Range photography.  He takes the time to talk about exposure and how the perceptual system… Read more »

Confessions of a Public Speaker

Confessions of a Public Speaker. Author Scott Berkun. O’Reilly Media Inc, Publisher, 2010. $24.99.Posted by Spike Radway at 12/14/2009 7:37 PM Most of us are asked at some point to be a public speaker.  Maybe it is a formal lecture.  Maybe a toast.  Maybe a business presentation.  Maybe we just need to make a point and win an argument.  We… Read more »

Book Review of "Digital Infrared Photography." Reviewed by Chad Gordon

Posted by Spike Radway at 11/2/2009 9:15 AM “Digital Infrared Photography” by Cyrill Harnischmacher “Digital Infrared Photography” Rocky Nook, Inc. 108 pages The infrared spectrum of light lies just beyond what we can see as humans. For some, infrared photography has been just as elusive and mysterious. While capturing this invisible light has been possible for years, the process has… Read more »

The DAM Book

The DAM Book, Digital Asset Management for Photographers, 2nd Edition. Author, Peter Krogh. Publisher O’Reilly Posted by Spike Radway at 9/3/2009 6:35 AM The author does a fine job of describing what he perceives Digital Asset Management is and how it pertains to photographic professionals. There is a strong emphasis on how important it is for imaging professionals to use management… Read more »

Slide:ology, The art and science of creating great presentations

Posted by Spike Radway at 8/20/2009 3:38 PM  Slide:ology, The art and science of creating great presentations Nancy Durante O’Reilly Media Inc, Publisher, 2008 $34.99 Slide:ology is a 250+ page soft back book that puts wisdom and experience of computer slide presentations together in a single volume.  It is a beautifully designed practical guide to make presentations interesting, informative and… Read more »

Review of Photoshop CS4: "The Missing Manual" by Lesa Snider. Published by O'Reilly Media.

Posted by Spike Radway at 3/12/2010 2:58 PM To say that there are a number of Photoshop help books on the market has got to be one of the great understatements of all time. So, what makes you want to pick up “Photoshop CS4: The Missing Manual”? There are a few reasons: 1) Being part of the O’Reilly Missing Manual… Read more »