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Gerrymandered Font?!

This font was created to provide a way for voters to protest partisan gerrymandering. Maybe you want to write your Elected Official a letter using this font? Let us know how you plan to use this awareness-raising font! Click to read more. Thank you to Bill Kiraly for suggesting this fun font post.

Jeff Darcy, Editorial Cartoonist for the Plain Dealer Visits CDPUG

Jeff  Darcy will talk to CDPUG on February 24, 2011 and share his thoughts about the editorial cartoon and the newspaper industry as they’ve changed and adapted from hard copy to the digital age. For the past 17 years, readers of the Cleveland Plain Dealer have enjoyed editorial cartoons drawn and written by Jeffrey Darcy. A 1982 graduate of St…. Read more »

Put Words in Spike's Mouth. Win an iTunes Gift Card.

My May Show Ignite presentation included a number of slides of photos where I used the Comic Life application on my Mac to put words into the mouths of CDPUG members and myself. The concept seemed to work well, since my presentation got a lot of laughs. And, as I far as I know, y’all were laughing “with” me and… Read more »