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Gerrymandered Font?!

This font was created to provide a way for voters to protest partisan gerrymandering. Maybe you want to write your Elected Official a letter using this font? Let us know how you plan to use this awareness-raising font! Click to read more. Thank you to Bill Kiraly for suggesting this fun font post.

Nearly HALF of Passwords People Use Are Easily Hackable

Posted by Wkiraly at 1/26/2010 3:09 PM A short news article from Fox News Technology, originally from NewsCorp Australian Papers, provides the top 10 most common internet passwords and notes that of about 32 million records analyzed, almost 50 percent of people use passwords susceptible to brute force attacks (people using programs to more or less try to guess the… Read more »

Bad Photoshopping embarrasses university

Posted by Wkiraly at 1/26/2010 10:20 AM Rember the old puzzle in Highlights magazine where you had to look at two images and try to find the difference? The University of Wisconsin used some bad judgement, worse photoshop technique and some really bad luck to get in trouble trying to worship at the alter of  political correctness. See Snopes Article