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Join the Biggest Show-and-Tell Event in the CLE!

The Cleveland Mini Maker Faire team invites CDPUG members to take part in the Sixth Annual Cleveland Mini Maker Faire at the Cleveland Public Library on Saturday, November 3.

A family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness, the Faire provides a venue for engineers, artists, scientists, and crafters, to share their hobbies, experiments, and projects with others. The Faire features over 100 Makers and draws between 4,000 and 5,000 visitors on a single day.

Creative projects of all kind are welcome, and CDPUG members’ digital publishing skills are an especially good fit.

Answer the call for Makers at

Visit for more information about the Faire, or email

Jinni Fontana

About Jinni Fontana

Freelance design, art direction, project management, editorial, and production for trade and academic book publishers, national magazines, advertising, marketing, public relations, professional theatre, and arts and music festivals. Visit for more information.

Register Now for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Selling Clinic

The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program is presenting a selling clinic on Thursday, September 13, from 8:00 to 11:30 a.m. EDT

Learn strategic selling skills such as how to hone individual sales pitches, how to understand buyer types and how they translate into sales, and how to assess the value of different customer types for effective selling.

Also, acquire marketing skills that will help you to: define a set of customers within a growth segment; appoint teams to interview customers; develop a structured list of open-ended questions; debrief, analyze, and capture responses; identify patterns and common themes, and instructive contrasts within and across segments; and how to brainstorm to discover value that competitors cannot uncover.

CDPUG program director, Spike Radway, is a graduate of this program and recommends it highly.

The clinic will be led by Richard J. Seif, a retired senior vice president of global marketing for The Lincoln Electric Company who now runs his own consulting business, Seif Solutions, Inc. He is also a mentor for the Cleveland State University Global Target Program and is an adjunct professor (and member) of the Marketing Executive Advisory Board for the College of Business Administration at the University of Akron. Mr. Seif has been an instructor for Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses since its inception.

Click here register:

The clinic will be held at the Tri-C East Campus Corporate College at The Mandel Center, 4250 Richmond Road, Room 245, Highland Hills. For more information, contact Mark Pinto at 440-897-7023 or

This might be the best thing you will see all day!

Photo by William Cohen-Kiraly

Check out Bill Cohen-Kiraly‘s stunning photographs of the visually rich Asian Lantern Festival at the Cleveland Zoo, shot in Anaglyph 3-D format. He uses two side-by-side Samsung NX1000 cameras connected by a dual cable release and then combines them into a single 3-D image in StereoPhoto Maker. More of his images can be viewed at

The Asian Lantern Festival runs Thursday through Sunday (extended through Monday, September 3, the final day!) from 6:30p.m. to 10:00p.m. Visit the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo website for more information:

My Experience with the “Artist as an Entrepreneur” (AEI) Workshops

By Jeff Poplar

I have attended three AEI at Summit Art Space classes so far and the experience has been more than satisfying. The atmosphere is not one of a typical classroom—here, you are integrated into an “art space” so to speak. It is very comfortable and conducive to interaction between the teacher and the students. Carolyn Bagley, a fireball, teaches the courses in an always positive and upbeat way that is perfect for creative types. One part of that energy is focused on how you “think” as well as “how to” think, it is primarily about your art, yourself, and how that could translate to your potential business.

These workshops teach structure—from how to build relationships in the business community to making good friends along the way. Knowing how to write your business plan, setting “SMART” goals (S=Specific, M=Measurable, A=Achievable, R=Relevant, T=Time-based), applying them, and then measuring your progress.

Specifically, I’m going to apply the use and understanding of social media for online sales of a variety of products. I’m gaining knowledge that covers topics such as how to legally protect my business, basic accounting principles, the proper legal forms, and establishing a professional brand identity.

The age of the students ranges from early twenties to late sixties. Students come from diverse disciplines such as painters, sculptors, ceramicists, performers and writers. There is congenial energy among the students—everyone is willing to help each other. The three-hour class seems like three minutes, it goes very fast because it is so interesting. My personal take-away from this class is how I can now properly structure a business in a very short period of time.

AEI is a real find for anyone who wants to start a business or to improve an existing one. For additional information, visit

Jeff Poplar is an illustrator and a graphic designer, creating art with colored pencil, pen and ink, oil pastels, and digital techniques. His artwork ranges from commercial design (logos, brochures, ads, and package design) to fine art (figure drawings, tabletop arrangements, landscapes, and abstracts). Contact Jeff for more information at

Private Tour of the Graphics and Visualization Lab (GVIS) at the NASA Glenn Research Center — Part 2

By Stan Bujak

Imagine traveling 935,581,827 miles to Saturn to be submerged in a submarine into a sea of liquid hydrogen on a planet that is nine times the size of the Earth. The team at the Graphics and Visualization Lab (GVIS) at the NASA Glenn Research Center has created this virtual reality simulator to help scientists explore Saturn’s surface. Wearing 3-D virtual reality glasses, one can navigate with joysticks under this virtual sea in 360° horizontal by 180° vertical, thus transforming a 2-D computer screen to a 3-D virtual reality experience. Videomapping Lake Erie as a model, they have created this augmented reality for educational and scientific analysis.

The GVIS lab has a diverse creative team consisting of seven programmers who develop code for scientific data that visually expresses engineering principles. There is one 3-D graphic illustrator who use Maya® 3-D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software. There are three game developers who create 3-D virtual modeling and movement capabilities using Unity® for both Mac and PC platforms. Additionally, there is a UNIX coordinator who combines all of the different creative platforms and merges them into a single streamlined presentation. They also collaborate with videographers and sound designers creating templates for the artist and creating the virtual reality experience.

In addition, practical testing 3-D models have been developed so that astronauts could understand and then locate every sky lab component. Moving through the virtual sky lab, one becomes familiar with cargo bays, wash facilities, waste disposal units, and much more, moving from one area to the next. To show the surface of Mars, the team created a 3-D 360° virtual world from the viewpoint of the Mars Rover.

The GVIS lab has also developed an airflow dynamics visual display monitor. In this demonstration, programmers worked with a graphic artist to develop color schemes that show the variance of air pressure on any given object. They created silhouettes of actual objects—planes, shapes, and sharks too!—each placed on the monitor board to visualize airflow dynamics.

Finally, they presented 3-D thermal recognition virtual reality glasses that measure heat dispersion and transfer. When a person places their hand on a surface, the virtual glasses detect the heat transfer of the person’s hand, much like the alien, thermal-recognition scenes in the movie Predator.

The breaking news is that GVIS is in the process of upgrading their video production capabilities to process all video presentations in 5K.

Thanks to our NASA tour guide Herb Shilling and to everyone at the GVIS lab for an out-of-this-world experience without having to travel light years to get there. For more information on the NASA Glenn Research Center GVIS Lab, visit

Stan Bujak is a co-owner of In2 Marketing Solutions, a small advertising and graphic design company specializing in ad campaigns, business graphics, trade show banners and displays, video presentations, photo correction and manipulation, package design and development, and sales support materials. They also provide strategic planning and marketing. For more details, visit,,,, and

Private Tour of the Graphics and Visualization Lab (GVIS) at the NASA Glenn Research Center – Part 1

Space: The Final Frontier

These are the voyages of CDPUG, on a multi-year mission to explore graphic technology in all of its forms, to boldly go where few designers have dared to go.

By Kelli Swan

On July 27, 2018, a small group of CDPUG members were treated to a very special event — a private tour of the Graphics and Visualization Lab (GVIS) at the NASA Glenn Research Center. This tour was open to a limited number of attendees and proved so popular that a lengthy waiting list developed.

Getting into NASA Glenn is a bit of an ordeal. Thankfully, Spike Radway and several others had done their homework. Our NASA tour guide was Herb Schilling, a computer scientist and a good friend of CDPUG member Diane Sadowski. The group met at the nearby 100th Bomb Group restaurant, and then carpooled over to NASA Glenn for the security check-in.

The GVIS Lab features virtual reality, natural user interface,scientific visualization, interactive system simulation, and augmented reality. It also specializes in developing custom data visualization solutions as well as housing the latest computer graphics and interactive display technologies. CDPUG members were able to virtually pilot a prototype X-plane designed for quiet supersonic travel. There are several other virtual simulations in the lab and a unique augmented reality walk-on-Mars experience.

As NASA researchers conduct more and more experiments using computer simulation instead of traditional laboratories or wind tunnels, scientific visualization of numerical results has become a powerful and necessary research tool. At the same time, engineers and mission planning specialists use visualization to study the details of an orbital rendezvous, the assembly of new spacecraft, or the testing of a rocket engine in one of the NASA Glenn’s facilities.

After experimenting with the various virtual and augmented displays, the CDPUG tour group finished with a view of the walk-in 3D cave automatic virtual environment, or “The CAVETM.” The GRUVE Lab is a reconfigurable, fully-immersive virtual reality facility and is the only large-scale, immersive CAVE in northern Ohio. Soon, it will be replaced with even newer technology.

Returning to “reality,” The 100th Bomb Group restaurant also proved to be a great meeting place for the traditional CDPUG after-meeting meeting.

Our thanks to Diane, Herb, Spike and everyone at NASA Glenn who made this very special event possible! For more information on the NASA Glenn Research Center GVIS Lab, visit

Kelli Swan is a versatile content specialist whose talents range from writing to digital design. Her specialties include custom black-and-white illustration in pencil, or pen and ink, and custom logo design. For a look into her unique and detailed style, visit and

Create Stunning Photos with HDR Photography Slides Available for Attendees

Chris Woodman, the speaker for the February 22, 2018 program entitled “Learn how to create stunning and mind-blowing photos with HDR photography” has kindly shared his slides, book recommendations and a discount code for meeting attendees.

HDR Photography

Link to Aurora HDR info and to use your meeting discount code.

Here are links to three books published by creditable photographers.
A World in HDR by Trey Ratcliff:
HDR Masterclass by Serge Ramelli:
The HDR Book by Rafael Concepcion:

Chris Woodman is an award-winning graphic designer, publisher, and educator.

An expert in Apple software, Chris’ skill set runs the full gamut. His passion and specialty are in digital media — more specifically ebooks, presentations, photography, and videography.

Over the past decade, Chris has trained over 1,000 customers and employees and has organized and facilitated over 300 business workshops and community events.

His genuine personality and natural ability to simplify the complex allow Chris to communicate clearly with any audience, regardless of learning style or previous technology experience. His passion for design and sharing his knowledge sparks inspiration in others.

Chris Woodman

Four updated Take Control books for your MUG

Happy holidays!
Here in San Diego, Morgen and the kids and I have been busily preparing for Christmas while also doing our best to get another batch of books out before the end of the year. I’m pleased to announce new editions of four popular Take Control titles (all of which update and replace books I previously released independently as Joe On Tech guides). All four titles now include coverage of High Sierra, in addition to hundreds of other changes.
Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac teaches you how to protect your data against mishaps of every kind by guiding you through the process of creating and implementing an excellent backup plan.

Buy Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac for $10.49 with the 30% MUG discount

Take Control of Maintaining Your Mac helps you prevent problems by de-junking and optimizing your Mac, followed by simple daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance tasks. It also shows you what commonly suggested maintenance tasks aren’t worth your time.

Buy Take Control of Maintaining Your Mac for $10.49 with the 30% MUG discount

Take Control of Troubleshooting Your Mac helps you solve problems by teaching you troubleshooting techniques, providing ready-to-use recipes to fix common Mac issues, and teaching you how to think like a technician even when solutions aren’t obvious.

Buy Take Control of Troubleshooting Your Mac for $10.49 with the 30% MUG discount

Take Control of Speeding Up Your Mac shows you how to improve your Mac’s performance. It addresses a wide range of speed issues, including CPU, RAM, and disk usage; hardware upgrades; network configuration; and much more.

Buy Take Control of Speeding Up Your Mac for $10.49 with the 30% MUG discount

But wait, there’s more! You can save a full 50% by buying all four books as a bundle for only $30. The easiest way to do that is to use this handy Mac Fitness Collection link, which adds all four books (and a 50%-off couppon) right to your shopping cart.



Joe Kissell

Take Control of Lightroom CC” for Your MUG

Dear MUG member,


As more and more of us access and edit photos on many different devices—laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones—we increasingly expect a seamless experience, with our images and edits showing up on all our devices, immediately. To accommodate this shift, Adobe has released a new version of its Lightroom application, Lightroom CC, that is specifically designed for cloud interaction. Lightroom CC has also been streamlined and simplified, meant to appeal to those who want to do more than the basics with their photos, but who are intimidated by Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop.

In Take Control of Lightroom CC, photography expert Jeff Carlson gives a thorough, but accessible, guide to the new Lightroom CC. He explains where it fits in the Lightroom ecosystem, then moves on to detail how to import, manage, and professionally edit your photos using Lightroom CC. For those who want to keep using Lightroom Classic CC, he also looks at how the two programs can work together.
Buy Take Control of Lightroom CC for $10.50 with the 30% MUG discount
With this book, you’ll:

See how Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic (as well as Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom for Web) work together

Learn how to import photos from cameras, memory cards, and locations on your hard disk; automatically add mobile photos; and sync photos, taking advantage of Lightroom CC’s cloud-focused features

Organize your photo library with rating and tagging, find photos using Adobe Sensei, manage your storage options, and back up your library
Get a handle on essential editing basics (like working in the Edit panel); use crop, straighten, rotate and flip to re-orient photos; adjust lighting, color, and appearance; and apply presets

Post images directly to your friends online in Facebook, export them to disk in order to share them elsewhere, or make an entire album public for people to view and, optionally, to download
Learn how to migrate a Classic catalog, or discover how to run both programs together
Find out how to import, manage, and edit your photos like a pro with Take Control of Lightroom CC!

Buy Take Control of Lightroom CC for $10.50 with the 30% MUG discount

Your Take Control Team—Joe Kissell and Morgen Jahnke

Designing for Augmented Reality Presentation File

Bill Myers (@vrbanist) is a Virtual and Augmented Reality Evangelist and Consultant in Akron, Ohio presented “Designing for Augmented Reality” at the September 28, 2017 CDPUG meeting.

Bill has generously shared his PDF slide show with CDPUG.

Designing for AR


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