Cleveland Map Book Could Be Just the Perfect Gift!

front cover of Cleveland in 50 Maps
Published by Cleveland’s own Belt Publishing

Cleveland in 50 Maps
Edited by Dan Crissman
with Cartography by Evan Tachovsky and David Wilson

It is obvious from the multitude of successful local T-shirt businesses that Northeast Ohio has a lot of Cleveland pride. With so much interest in this city, Dan Crissman, Evan Tachovsky, and David Wilson – each with ties to the area – have compiled a visual presentation of just what makes Cleveland so unique. Using data gleaned from a multitude of sources, these three work together to clearly present a wide array of knowledge about this singular city. 

If you have a hard-to-buy-for Cleveland-lover on your gift list, this book is sure to be a hit this holiday season. It’s so interesting, you might just want one for yourself!

Coming in at just over 100 thought-provoking pages, this book is split into five logical sections: 

1) Physical Characteristics (including water features, borders, and flood zones)
Ever thought about what the tree coverage of Northeast Ohio is? How about the surprising vast differences in Lake Erie Ice Coverage over the past four years? You’ll find it here.

2) Infrastructure (like bridges, roads and car accident data)
Did you know that avenues run mainly east and west; with streets running north and south? I certainly didn’t, but for much of the city, this holds true. You’ll find out how much of Downtown Cleveland is dedicated to parking lots. Consider the answers to walkability questions like: who lives within 15 minutes walking time from: a supermarket, a farmer’s marker, a library, a theater. 

3) Demographics
Statistical data relating to Cleveland’s population and particular groups within it are apparent when seeing how the Cultural Gardens has grown as a beautiful tribute to our immigrant roots. Back in the 1930’s, Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC) unfairly ‘evaluated’ neighborhoods for mortgage lending risks and many of those designated areas have never recovered from this discrimination and still struggle with attracting investment. 

4) City Institutions
I learned that Cargill Salt Mine is nearly 5 miles long and dwarfs the downtown area. Founded almost a century ago, the expansion of the Cleveland Clinic is shocking from an aerial perspective. Think our city is saturated with breweries today? You should see how many there were in 1910!

5) Looking Forward
This section focuses on the opportunities for the city’s future and how investment will improve circumstances throughout the region.

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Belt Publishing is a small, independent press founded in Cleveland in 2013 as a platform for new and influential voices from the Rust Belt, the Midwest, and beyond.

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