Count your cash – Accounting for Dummies

Book Review: Accounting for Dummies, 4th ed.
by John A. Tracy, CPA

Wiley Publishing presents the ever popular Dummies series of books in countless titles, ranging from hobbies to business, musical instruments to horseback-riding and grilling to home decorating, to name a few.

While the Accounting for Dummies, 4th Edition, goes into rather deep detail about all aspects of accounting, it is a book that is written for a wide audience. It is designed for the reader to leapfrog through the sections relevant to their knowledge.

If a basic understanding is needed, the more technical information may be skimmed over or returned to later. The book uses icons to point out important information to the reader, providing a quick analysis of the content being covered, from pointing out topics that should really be understood to tips and warnings and the more technical (skippable) information.

For a self-employed graphic designer with a simple cash accounting system, I found it a little daunting to start. Once a few of the basic concepts were reviewed and understood, it became clearer and easier to use. I find I use it mostly by picking through topics in the index.

Also useful is the publisher’s website ( which covers tips and insights on a range of topics that matches the wide variety of their book titles.

This book may not be the answer for everyone’s accounting needs but if you are a dummy about accounting, like I am, it has the answers and term definitions you are looking for. I would recommend it.


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