Don't be a design dinosaur

How to avoid the Fred Flintstone effect

Fred Flintstone and family ~ American icons of times gone by

It is every graphic artist’s nightmare. You’ve landed an invitation to show your portfolio to a really big, important potential client.  After a week of sweating the details, and getting just the right clothes, you arrive to show your stuff.

Five minutes into the presentation the prospect tells you that they are looking for someone who is more current with the latest design ideas.

Bummer. Who knew?

You ask yourself . . .

1. Why wasn’t I up to date?

2. Is this prospect for real or just brushing me off with an excuse?

How to stay up-to-date on the latest graphic design trends

To find out where the state of the are is going, you can scan a lot of websites and hope that your aesthetic instincts will scope out the really innovative material and separate it from the trash.  Or, you can go to a site like “Smashing Magazine” and read a  l o n g  web article on the web design trends that made a difference in 2010.

Then, if your checkbook will stand it, take a look at a list of key web and graphic design conferences with a strong emphasis on teaching you the latest and greatest techniques with current software and hardware.

Now that your confidence is restored, check out the freelance and permanent job listings that could lead to a stronger career.

Don’t want to wait for the 2011 edition? Here’s a set of Google search results to sample to see what people think about what’s hot this year.

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