Art on the iPad. A Panel Discussion with Demos

Spike Radway   January 26, 2020   Comments Off on Art on the iPad. A Panel Discussion with Demos
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2020-02-27 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Garfield Heights Library
Address: 5409 Turney Road, Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125, United States
  • Speaker Nancy Aikins. Henry Lee. Jeff Suntala.
  • Cost Free for members. $10 food contribution suggested for guests.

Please join us for a panel of well known local artists discussing their favorite illustration and painting apps on the iPad. The conversation will include sharing insights about the variety of hardware products available. Our panelists will show art examples and explain how they were created.

Nancy Aikins presented to CDPUG on iPad way back in 2014 and will impress us again with her prolific use of apps. Nancy will review DistressedFX and DistressedFX+, Matter, Art Set, TrimaginatorMetaBrush, Art Rage, Adobe Capture, Assembly, InShot, and Ripl.

Henry Lee will share his opinions on Linea Sketch, and the Affinity Suite of apps that includes Affinity Designer (illustration), Affinity Photo. An advantage of this app suite is that it has Mac and Windows equivalents including Affinity Publisher for page layout. A version of Affinity Publisher for iPad in the works. Publisher will not be part of the evening's agenda. Henry will address font support and other new features of the recently released iPadOS.

Jeff Suntala uses the very popular Procreate frequently and will discuss it extensively. He'll also talk about the new iPadOS version of Photoshop and how it compares to Procreate.

Panelist Bios:

Nancy Aikins has a BFA from Ohio University in Ceramics, Printmaking and Drawing and is an alumni of the Penton Art Department, where she worked in presentation, design and illustration. She got her start there making digital images on a 386 and has worked on an iPad since 2011. She is experimental and a lifelong doodler. Currently has 32,975 images in the Cloud.


Henry Lee is a product of the Cleveland Institute of Art and Tri-C, Henry's diverse background includes Industrial Design, Illustration, Desktop Publishing and Computer Science. Over the last 2 decades he has worked in the packaging and printing industries and is a long time employee at Copy King. Henry is a past president of CDPUG and a very active participant having presented many times.


Jeff Suntala is a more than thirty year veteran of the business of illustration, and feels lucky to be able to do this for both a living and a hobby. Every year he brings new insight into the creation of imagery, both traditional and digital - learning new styles and exploring visual logic to solve a client's communication needs.


Moderator Bio:

Spike Radway participated in the founding of CDPUG in 1987 and is the current Director of Programming. The iPad is a productivity tool he frequently uses for running his company. Spike is also the owner of Team Spike Consulting, LLC a local computer consulting business that assists creative professionals with the technology tools to express their artistic and business aspirations.

Spike Radway

About Spike Radway

Spike Radway is a CDPUG founder from when the organization was conceived back in 1987. His current and long-standing position is the Director of Programming. Spike is the owner of Team Spike Consulting, LLC, a Macintosh Consulting and Support business founded in 1991.