Bridging Digital and Traditional Media

Spike Radway   July 25, 2019   Comments Off on Bridging Digital and Traditional Media
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2019-08-29 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Zygote Press
Phone:(216) 621-2900
Address: 1400 E 30th St, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA
  • Speaker Kate Snow and Stephanie Kluk, Co-Executive Directors and other Zygote Staff
  • Raffle Prizes Affinity Publisher (Mac & PC)
  • Cost Free for members. $10 for guests. Light refreshments will be served.
  • Reception Special Time! 5:30 pm.
  • Meeting Start Special Time! 6:00 pm.
  • Accessibility Contact us to learn the details

The evening will begin with an introduction to the mission and services of Zygote Press followed by participatory demonstrations of some of the art forms that bridge digital and traditional media. The chosen artistic activities should appeal to both seasoned and newcomer graphic designers as we discover insights in how printing was done prior to the rise of the digital revolution. By understanding these art forms, attendees can learn to recreate the look and feel of the past, and also apply current technology to create artworks that bridge the digital and traditional media worlds. Please join us for this unique inspirational and artistic experience.

  • Silkscreen: a Zygote staff person will explain and demonstrate the process of silkscreen printing, a technique where a digital or hand drawn image or text is burned on to a mesh screen using a light sensitive emulsion, which can then be used to create multiple prints of the image on paper, fabric, or other materials. This demonstration will include an opportunity for each participant to try the process and take home a poster.
  • Polymer Plate Photogravure: includes an explanation of the print process, with examples of the digitally designed polymer plates and the prints that can be produced using this process.
  • Letterpress: an introduction to the equipment and process of letterpress printing, including cast lead moveable type and blocks from production printing. This will include an opportunity for participants to try the process and take home a print.

Zygote Press is located at 1410 E. 30th Street, in a large warehouse building between St. Clair and Superior. The Zygote logo is on the front door, facing E. 30th St. There is free parking in the parking lot next to the building and on the street.

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