Character Study: A Discussion of Type Design’s Past, Present, and Future

Spike Radway   October 10, 2019   Comments Off on Character Study: A Discussion of Type Design’s Past, Present, and Future
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2019-10-30 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Garfield Heights Library
Address: 5409 Turney Road, Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125, United States
  • Speaker Anna Richard
  • Cost Free for members. $10 food contribution suggested for guests.
  • Special Wednesday Meeting! Don't come on Thursday! Stay home and trick or treat!

As a type designer, I know the industry can be insular and closed off. I'd like to provide an insider look at type design practice, type history, and the type design industry, and show some of the work I've done along the way. We'll get into the technical details of copyright, language support, OpenType features, font licensing, and the newly-developed variable fonts. We will discuss these issues as they relate to both print, web and mobile. We'll cover ways to improve your productivity when using type while also achieving quality graphic design a step above the competition.

I'll show fonts I've designed, and content from my talk at the 2019 Typecon in Minneapolis, and do my best to explain why we never have enough fonts.

Speaker Bio:

 Anna Richard is a Graphic Designer and typographic aficionado locally at designRoom, assisting with production and design on a variety of projects. Anna earned a degree in Visual Communication Design from Kent State University, where she specialized in typography, lettering, and type design. Before working at designRoom, Anna was part of a team of contractors at Google Fonts who improved and expanded the design of typefaces in the Google Fonts library. Her favorite font that she hasn't worked on is Greta Mono. She owns three different coffee makers, and is on a never-ending quest to find her favorite pen.

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