Freeway Pro 5.0 by Softpress. Reviewed by Chris Suster.

Freeway Pro 5.0 by Softpress (

I have over 25 years experience in the field of graphic design. I worked in several design firms and ad agencies before going on to open my studio, Christopher Design in 2004. My specialty is in designing and producing print materials such as annual reports, brochures, brand identity and packaging. I have wanted to be able to offer my clients web capabilities but I have not been able to do so until now.

Freeway Pro 5.0, a software program made by Softpress, is great for people like me who have no programming experience. The program is very intuitive and reasonably priced at $229. It took me about 15 hours to build my own site once I had the design ready to go ( The hardest part was getting it to go live once I uploaded it to the ftp.

I used the podcast tutorials to help through some items that I did not understand such as rollovers and transitions. You can also download a large pdf manual. Most of my questions were answered in the manual or in the Freeway Pro podcast. It would be great to complete the project with someone who could make suggestions and help me to tweek  the rollovers and structure.

There is an excellent “KnowledgeBase” section on the Softpress web site that offers insight, enhancements and instruction.

I have suggested it to several friends who like me, are proficient in design and have little experience in designing and creating for the web. I have more confidence now and have finished my first brochure-style site for a client. Not so sure if I could build an e-commerce site yet…

Note from Spike. We a  raffle copy of Freeway 5.0 that I intend to use at the October 28, 2010 meeting.

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Spike Radway is a CDPUG founder from when the organization was conceived back in 1987. His current and long-standing position is the Director of Programming. Spike is the owner of Team Spike Consulting, LLC, a Macintosh Consulting and Support business founded in 1991.

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