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CDPUG Tote Bag

CDPUG Tote Bag

Most fashion designers agree that the hottest fashion trend for the Fall/Winter 2018 season is anything with a CDPUG logo on it. Okay, that sentence isn’t true, but major fashion trends typically emerge from “street style” and why couldn’t the swag you purchase from the CDPUG store become the next big fashion statement in Cleveland? Sure, the CLE is cool, but the CDPUG is the newer cool.

Designed by Ron Scoczen, the colorful, pixelated logos featuring the iconic terminal tower are simultaneously retro and future-forward, so you will never go out of style! And, the new “CD pug” design by Jeff Poplar is so deliciously cryptic and clever that you are definitely going to want to display it on a variety of useful promotional products before anyone else does. Coming soon!

Be the first one to walk into a presentation yakking it up on your smartphone that is decked out in a flashy CDPUG plastic case. Then pull out your CDPUG zip pouch, notebook, mug, and water bottle from your CDPUG tote bag and start presenting! — all to the envious stares of your colleagues, who are already googling CDPUG

CDPUG Men's T-shirt

CDPUG Men’s T-shirt

Get ready for that unpredictable Cleveland weather by layering a CDPUG T-Shirt with a CDPUG pullover hoodie. If you prefer a zippered hoodie (or no hood at all) we’ve got those too. Imagine how you will stand out from the crowd strutting proudly at a Browns game in your CDPUG apparel. Some T-shirt styles even come in brown and orange. Win-win!

Did I mention CDPUG beach towels? We have beaches in Cleveland! You, your family, and your friends are going to need a couple of towels at some point this year. Don’t be the person that gives the gift of the fruitcakes. Give the gift of beach towels.

Go to the CDPUG store now to see all of the available products, so that you can start building your Fall/Winter 2018 “street style”. It’s also the perfect time of year to get your holiday shopping over and done with. All of the sales benefit CDPUG operations and programming. We appreciate your generous support.

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