Google Docs adds file types to online viewer

It’s a lot easier to look at different file types and you don’t need the software your computer to do it

Ever get a file from a colleague or a client and realize you can’t open it?  That’s frustrating because in the past, if the file was important enough, it meant you had to either track down someone who had the right software so you could see the file, or you had to go out and buy the software itself.

Well, you’re not in Kansas anymore.  Now you can look at the file in Google Docs by using the Google Docs Viewer and the Google Chrome web browser.  Google has added 12 new file formats to the docs viewer.

Viewer is easy to use

To use it all you have to do is enter the URL for the file, and shazaam, it appears on screen.  For instance, suppose someone sends you a Postscript file.  Just upload it to a Google Docs account and then paste the URL for it into the viewer.  You can set the URL to private or various levels of shared access.

Google Docs accounts are free and come with any free Google Gmail account.

Summary of Google Docs enhancements

There are a whole bunch of other enhancements to Google Docs which you can read about at the Google Docs blog “2010 Year in Review” blog post.

It looks like there are a lot more practical things you can do in the cloud.

Not sure about where to begin?  Here’s a link to the Getting Started Guide for Google Docs.  Each type of office function has its own unique guide.

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It was Arthur C. Clarke who said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” For 15 extra points, what famous piece of MS-DOS software embedded that quote in its splash screen when it loaded on your PC?

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