HDR Photograpy Book Review

Posted by Spike Radway at 1/24/2010 7:25 PM

“HDR Photography” by Pete Carr and Robert Correll, ISBN 978-0-470-41299-2, 2009 Wiley Publishing

 Reviewed by Stan Kohn

This recently published book deals with the topic of High Dynamic Range Photography primarily using software named Photomatix Pro.  One of the things I like about this book is that the first sections take time to explain the basics of exposure to the reader.  It emphasizes the fact that you can take excellent images with a wide dynamic range with traditional digital techniques.  This becomes a good segue into using advanced digital tools such as Photomatix Pro to create images that are even more dynamic than what is possible with traditional means.

Print quality is good and there are a host of outstanding examples of HDR results – as well as examples of what the original photographs looked like. 

A beginner would not walk away from this book feeling very confident about using software such as Photomatix Pro. He or she would have to spend time with other more technical books or wade their way through the PDF manual provided by the software manufacturer.

I would recommend this book as a supplement to go along with a book that is more technical for anyone who is expecting to learn how to create the HDR image.

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