Holiday Party and Officer Announcements

With this year coming to a close, our final event is the Holiday Party at Oak Barrel for a nice dinner where all the members mingled and got to vote for the new officers that will be chosen to lead CDPUG into an exciting 2017. Our election resulted in very talented people on the board and perfect for the job. In case you weren’t around for the meeting , here’s the slate of officers for the coming year.

President: Ron Skoczen

Vice President: Gerry Shamray

Treasurer: Gary Sherck

Secretary: Volunteer Needed

Programmer: Spike Radway

Web designer: Bill Cohen-Kiraly

Membership: Judy Beveridge

Give them a round of applause as they move forward toward a new year for CDPUG! Thank you all for your continued support!

Mike Schwartz

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A graphic designer that loves typography, current page designer and ad designer for two newspapers that print weekly. Practicing several mediums, I'm ready to broaden my horizons.

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