It’s HERE! GRAMMY® Award Winner Erica Brenner Receives Her Official Award

Photo by Margy Adams

You may not have ever thought about it—but winning a GRAMMY® doesn’t mean you necessarily get to take it home from the awards ceremony! 

In March, we found out about the album Apollo’s Fire “Songs of Orpheus” winning the GRAMMY® for Best Classical Solo Vocal Album. (March 19, 2019 CDPUG blog entry by Jinni Fontana). The album features the talents of Apollo’s Fire Cleveland’s own Baroque orchestra—Karim Sulayman’s vocals, Jeannette Sorrell’s artistic direction, and Erica Brenner’s production.

As a recipient, you get to see and hold the GRAMMY® award, but the official personalized awards are engraved and sent out after the ceremony.

Erica was patient and now holds her very own GRAMMY® award! 
Congratulations again to Erica on her first nomination and win as an independent producer.

You can get the CD at, or at your preferred music retailer.

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