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Web Developer
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Listing Dates: 01/16/2020 to 03/16/2020
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Interested in transforming agriculture markets by providing family farmers appropriate technology and data? Farm Fare needs your help.


Farm Fare is seeking the support of a developer with web and app development skills to design and build a double-sided next generation platform. We are a business-to-business software platform that equips food hubs and family farms with software, sales support and data to access institutional markets like hospitals, public schools and food processors. Farm Fare launched in 2017 in collaboration with five Northeast Ohio food hubs. Currently, we are looking to expand into the Northeast with the design and build of our updated product.

Our Mission

Farm Fare enables family farms, sized 15-50 acres, to finally compete with the economies of scale of the industrial food system. Our technology allows family farms to gain efficiencies through strategic collaboration instead of scale enabling access to large wholesale markets, like hospitals, universities, public schools, etc. This systemic solution is essential for driving the agriculture industry toward a climate-forward and equitable future. Food hubs are part of a growing movement of small warehouses that source local food products from small- and medium-sized producers and distributes these goods to regional buyers. Food hubs develop deep relationships with the farmers in their local markets, and serve a critical aggregation role in the local food supply chain.
Farm Fare’s technology and networking platform enhances the efficiency and output of food hubs by enabling food hubs in a single region to work as a team, or a food hub network. A Farm Fare-partnered food hub network can share inventory information and other physical assets, like logistic services, making it far easier to sell to large institutional customers. Most imperatively, when food hubs in a region transact on Farm Fare they provide family farms with powerful data that for the first time allows these farms to coordinate crop production based on regional demand, what their fellow farmers are growing and what their soils are best suited to grow.

What’s different about work at Farm Fare?

Farm Fare is a social enterprise that’s fundamentally rethinking the local food supply chain in a way that makes it more nimble, responsive and price efficient through technology and use of existing resources. In other words, we’re equipping economies of collaboration to compete with economies of scale.

Secondly, Farm Fare is a startup. We’re creative, we’re fun, we’re wearing all the hats while running around. You too will be involved in conversations where things are still being figured out. There’s no road map when you’re doing something outside the standard box. 

Finally, every day we learn. Sometimes it’s about our industry, sometimes it’s about soil and sometimes it’s just about best business practices. We find a challenge, learn and constantly iterate.


The Role

In this role, you’ll be working on Farm Fare’s internal development team, led by our Head of Product. You’ll play an active role in sprint brainstorming, translating context expertise into tangible product features and ultimately be responsible for coding these features. You’ll spend 80% of your time writing code and 20% in sprint sessions. Your code base will be written in a functional language, and we expect you to bring functional thinking to our development process. We aim to get an updated platform launched by May 2020, so our team looks forward to jumping in with two feet first and making it happen.


● Comfortable with Haskell, Elm or related functional languages (i.e. R, OCaml, F#, Scala, Elixir)
● Excited to explore new technologies such as React Native
● Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience
● Mobile experience a plus
● Experience with AWS preferred
● Passion for correct, maintainable, testable software
● Passionate and excited to learn about regional food systems and food hubs
● Self-motivated, self-directed, and able to thrive in a fast-paced environment
● Ability to break down product feature requests into discrete tasks and clearly articulate them
● Extremely organized, detailed oriented, and able to drive efforts independently and ensure
effective implementation
● Exceptional problem-solving skills, for both conceptual and analytical problems


The first 6 months of this position will be structured as a contractor due to the funding supporting this salary. The junior developer will be paid $30/hour, and expected to work 40 hours per week. Upon a successful working relationships on both sides, this position will transition to an employee role after the initial 6 months. Options will be discussed at that time.

Location & Team

We have space and would welcome you in our Farm Fare offices located at 1956 W. 25th Street in the quirky, vibrant neighborhood of Ohio City in Cleveland, Ohio. We expect the Developer to be in the office an equivalent of 5 days per week. This position will report directly to Farm Fare’s Head of Product. You will be part of a small but mighty internal development team (3 developers total) working closely together alongside Farm Fare co-founders.

Preferred Dates of Hire

We’d like to welcome developers on board as soon as possible. We’ll be hiring two developers during this cycle. We anticipate a one- to two-week training period prior to a more autonomous approach.

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