Magical 2019 Holiday Party at Sainato’s

Sainato’s at Rivergate. Sainatos delivers the food at our regular meetings.
Photos by Janet Dodrill.

On a cold, crisp December night, with one of the best views of our beloved Cleveland nighttime skyline, this was a memorable holiday evening. Coming in from the chill (parking right outside the door!) and into the warm and tantalizing scent of a Italian food, we said “hello” to Judy (Membership Director) and Jim Beveridge who greeted us with festive smiles, behind them a table full of brightly wrapped gifts for the gift exchange. We’ve got to hand it to Spike for picking a really swell place to celebrate and mingle with our party-loving CDPUG members – some we only see once a year.

Ron Skoczen likes his present.

The service at Sainato’s at Rivergate (our main CDPUG pizza supplier) was fantastic, the buffet table was packed with delicious entrees like mushroom and pepperoni pizza, lasagna, stuffed mushrooms, risotto balls in sauce, and lots and lots of pasta. There may have been a salad. The dessert table featured a variety of Italian cookies with adorable melt-in-your-mouth mini canollis that disappeared as quickly as you can say “canolli”. While the restaurant was more crowded than our usual venues, the well-stocked bar was very easy to get to and the drinks were affordable.

Buffet table.

Before the annual gift exchange, Chris Woodman dazzled us with a couple of nifty magic tricks involving the eight of diamonds and Kevin Bacon. You had to be there. The gift exchange was full of surprises – some smiles, some puzzled looks, some trades – you can’t always get what you want. And, for an election night we can all be happy about, every one of the officers was voted back for another term, with Henry Lee volunteering for vice president – in fact, he was a popular write-in anyway.

Chris Woodman shows his magic card trick to Ron Skoczen and Jinni Fontana.
Mary Averill is super happy with her gift pick.

The CDPUG holiday parties get better every year, so make sure to come next year – and bring a gift. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our 2020 CDPUG Officers!

President – Brian Butkowski
Vice President – Henry Lee
Treasurer – Ron Skoczen
Secretary – Michael Schwartz

Also, a big THANK YOU to the following CDPUG members for volunteering their time:

Programming – Spike Radway
Membership – Judy Beveridge
Social Media – Janet Dodrill and Henry Lee
Blog – Chris Kaminski and Laura Dempsey
May Showcase Video Editor – Sarah Coggins


CDPUG members enjoying their meals and each other’s good company!

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