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Below is a list of many of the past CDPUG Meetings

Website Accessibility

Speaker: A Cleveland Sight Center staff member who is an expert on assistive technology

When websites are correctly designed, developed, and edited, all users can have equal access to information and functionality. At the Web Development SIG November meeting — at a special location — we will review how designing for web accessibility makes websites usable by people of all abilities and disabilities.

Winning With One

Speaker: Christine Howey

How one-person companies can out-think their competition.

Large multinational companies and one-person shops have one thing in common: They both need a strong brand identity. Corporations recognize the importance of a brand that can help them differentiate their product or service, and they spend millions to accomplish it. But most one-person enterprises, lacking the resources, don’t even try.


Come See What Apple’s New Cat Has To Offer

Speaker: Scott Seifert, a member of Team Spike Consulting LLC

At the Thursday, September 24 meeting of Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group (CDPUG), Scott Siefert will give the inside track on Snow Leopard 10.6, Apple”s newest upgrade for the Mac OS X system.

Plug-in Potpourri. Extend Your Productivity and Creativity!

Speaker: Henry Lee, Stan Kohn, John O'Donnell, Spike Radway, Janet Dodrill, Carolyn Lewis

A variety of CDPUG members will demonstrate their favorite plug-ins. Come and see how they use these cool third-party products to increase their creativity and their productivity. And even their profitability.

Keeping Your Digital Life in Sync (Or How to Keep Cloud Computing From Getting In Your Way)

Speaker: Spike Radway, Team Spike Consulting. CDPUG Program Director. Also Fred Dugach of F. A. Dugach Consulting Services.

Spike Radway, long time CDPUG veteran will demonstrate successful methods he has discovered to help keep his Digital Life in Sync. Spike manages multiple computers and coordinates multiple calendars and contacts with his business associate Scott “Scooter” Seifert, and with his better four fifths Christi Carlson. The three make up Team Spike Consulting LLC, a digital management and consulting firm that supports Macs in the Graphic Arts.

5th Annual CDPUG May Show

Speaker: CDPUG Members

Peer-to-peer (P2P) networking opportunity for digital publishing professionals

RSVP required. Members RSVP to May Show RSVP

Guests, use PayPal form on details page to RSVP and buy guest pass(es). Click here

What Are You Searching For, & Why Do You Get These Results?

Speaker: Leslie Carruthers, President of The Search Guru (

When we go on the internet, more often than not, we are searching for something. Sometimes we seem to spend a lot of time before we find what we wanted. How can we do better searches? What are the right search terms to use and does it matter what order we type in the terms? Once we get our list of results, what determines the order they are in? Why are some pages ranked higher than others?

It’s Your Creativity — Protect it! Licensing and Work for Hire Agreements

Speaker: Kami D. Rowles, Esq.

Overview of the work made for hire doctrine, determining when a licensing arrangement is more appropriate, and terms to be included in a work for hire or licensing agreement.

Creative Project Management

Speaker: Mark Smith, Cobalt Group, Inc.

The term “project management” can be intimidating to anyone, and invoke bad dreams about trying to learn and use the dreaded Microsoft Project or other complex tools. And for many people, project management for the creative process may seem the ultimate oxymoron. However, “getting things done effectively,” regardless of the size, scope, complexity or duration is really what project management is all about. The principles of effective project management are as useful to the creative process as to multi-million dollar corporate initiatives. In this session we will explore the basic components of good project management, along with some examples, tools and suggestions for how to get things done and effectively manage creative projects for yourself and your clients.

Fireworks Interactive Prototypes

Speaker: Dan Kozminski

Learn how to use Adobe Fireworks CS4 software to rapidly create interactive website prototypes. Creating interactive prototypes offers the opportunity to test a website mock-up while still in the development stage. This is particularly helpful for customer demonstrations.

Creative Tax Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs

Speaker: Howard J. Kass, CPA. Zinner & Co. LLP.

Creative business owners are often so focused on the creative aspect of developing, growing and running their businesses, they sometimes forget that they are running a business and find themselves at a loss when it comes to making the “right” business decisions. This has become even more difficult with the economy mired in its worst slowdown since the Great Depression and the flurry of stimulus and tax legislation that has been flying around Washington, DC.


Using Social Networking To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Speaker: Marc Majers

In this session, discover how to effectively use social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn to fuel traffic to your online channels of business. What does it take to harness the power of these interactive tools? How much time does it take? Why should I bother with them?

E-Cycling Solutions. Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group Shares Earth-Friendly Alternatives to Toxic E-Waste

Speaker: Mario Jurcic of Secure IT Assets Disposition Services

Where do old computers go to die? If Mario Jurcic of Secure IT
Asset Disposition Services has anything to say, they’ll be recycled
and dismantled with their critical information safely removed, saving
landfills and future generations from the toxic components found in
most electronics.

.Net’s Membership and Role Providers .Net’s Membership and Role Providers

Speaker: Bill Cohen-Kiraly

We started 2008 at our January meeting by learning a Simple ASP.NET Password process. Now, for our December 20, 2008, meeting we will end the year by learning about a more sophisticated .Net authentication system.

.Net Membership and Role Provider classes are Microsoft’s built-in classes for managing user authentication and role management. We will see a demonstration of how to use the wizard which sets up the system, including building a SQL database for membership and creating password management code. We will also learn about setting up custom membership and role manager to work with our existing Active Directory Authentication and database roles. The demonstration will include how to use roles to hide or show menu items as well as control page access.

CDPUG Holiday Party & Elections

Speaker: Food and Fun!

Annual CDPUG Holiday party, annual meeting and elections. We have an optional gift exchange. To participate, bring a wrapped gift up to $10 in value. Members in good standing can run for office and vote for the 2009 officers. RSVP and prepayment is required for this meeting. Cost is $25 per person which must be prepaid by Nov. 24.

Website Usability

Speaker: Aaron Rosenberg

At our November meeting, we will be looking at usability in the context of e-commerce websites. Aaron Rosenberg, User Experience Analyst at American Greetings, will start with a brief introduction of User Experience and how it fits into the development process. He will then speak specifically with regard to tracking and understanding user needs and building them into the design of websites.

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QuarkXPress 8: Xperience Design (Special Alert! Product Managers Presenting!)

Speaker: Mike Berkow and Andrew Bartlett, Product Managers

Inspired by the designer’s passion for perfection, QuarkXPress is superior page-layout and design software depended on by creative and production professionals to deliver print, Web, and Flash® output.

Social Media for Small Businesses: What Blogs, Forums and Social Networks Can Do For You

Speaker: Paul Roetzer, PR 20/20

Web 2.0 has leveled the playing field for many organizations. It’s no longer about the size of your marketing budget, or how many impressions you can generate, rather it’s about how intelligent and innovative you can be in adopting emerging online technologies such as blogs, forums and social networks.

Adobe Creative Suite 4

Speaker: Adobe product expert and noted author, Adam Pratt

The upcoming September 25th Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group (CDPUG) program will be a joint meeting with the Cleveand InDesign User Group, and will feature Adobe product expert and noted author, Adam Pratt, presenting Creative Suite 4!

Accessibility – The Right Thing to Do


Join us at our September meeting where we will review best practices of accessibility from Jeremy Sydik’s book Design Accessible Web Sites: 36 Keys to Creating Content for All Audiences and Platforms. 

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