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Garfield Heights Library
5409 Turney Road, Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125, United States

As a creative entrepreneur, you face a daily juggling act of setting goals, large and small, and then are tasked to reach them. This meeting will present a new approach to setting goals that will signficantly improve your business. Attendees will also learn the art of mindfulness, a practice that will help make better decisions and accomplish more for both short and long term goals.

Program Agenda:

  1. The (Artist) Entrepreneur’s Dilemma
    – Entrepreneurs often work solo and are responsible for all levels of goal setting and task completion
    – There is no place to delegate tedious, uninteresting, or unpleasant tasks.
    – Can you “eat the frog?”
  2. Two Kinds of Goals
    – The excitement of “vision-based” goals can sometimes undermine day-to-day tasks
    – Setting (very) small, finite, “task-based” goals
    – The smaller the task, the more achievable it will be, and the sooner you’ll see progress toward your larger vision
  3. External Impediments
    – Scheduling
    – Outside input needed
    – Distractions
  4. Internal Impediments
    – Creative block/lack of focus
    – Lack of motivation
    – Self-doubt
  5. Avoiding Overwhelm
    – Turn it around
    – Make it smaller
    – Always look for the 3rd option
  6. Mindfulness Activities to Support Decision-Making and Action
    – Clear the mind to make way for new ideas/solutions
    – Refocus to avoid distraction and “monkey mind”
    – Easy mindfulness exercises you can do anywhere

Speaker Bio:

Carolyn Bagley is a musician, teacher, community-builder, and seeker. A graduate of Hiram College, Carolyn has taught in the public schools, run a private music studio, worked as a cheesemonger in New York City, and directed award-winning show choirs and numerous theatrical productions. In 2014, looking to enhance and diversify her skills and network, Carolyn completed an M.B.A. program at Kent State University. When a friend suggested that Carolyn consider making her passion for learning, connecting, and inspiring others her work, this resonated with her profoundly, and put her on her current path.

Carolyn currently operates her business, Making Space, presenting classes and workshops that foster participants’ connection to themselves, each other, and our precious, life-giving planet. Through experiences in gardening, cooking, and meditation, Carolyn encourages each person to explore their own beautiful and unique journey, and shares the gifts she has received through her own. She also freelances in a variety of teaching and performance settings. She works as a music director for community and professional theater, teaches English to students in China with VIPKid, and is the program coordinator for the Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute at Summit Artspace in Akron, Ohio.