Members Attend The World of Puppets: From Stage to Screen

A combined group of about 10 CDPUG members and Parade on the Circle artists toured The World of Puppets: From Stage to Screen exhibit at the Cleveland Public Library this past Saturday. The group had a guided tour which featured traditional and modern puppets from around the world in every shape and size.

A good number of the puppets in the collection were from Parade on the Circle. Attendee Sue Berry, who runs the parade’s sewing department, had her name in many places for her sewing contributions. She and her husband Michael Crouch supplemented the docent’s tour with behind the scenes info.

Everyone enjoyed famous puppets such as Oscar the Grouch, Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, Punch and Judy, and the gang from Hickory Hideout. They also tried their hand at their own puppet show in one of the puppet stages. 

Photos by Spike Radway

A large group of attendees went out for Mexican afterwards.

The exhibit is part of the library’s year-long 150thAnniversary Celebration. The exhibit is at the
library through November 30. Admission is free and open to everyone.

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