My Life with Omni Focus 2 for iPhone – HIGTD or "How I Get Things Done"

My Life with Omni Focus 2 for iPhone – HIGTD or “How I Get Things Done”

Over the years, I’ve tended to reject the “blank on a shoestring” approach to anything from marketing to time management. I personally think it is most productive to use the tools that are not only available, but best suited to achieve the desired end result. Free is fine but not an acceptable substitute for a more effective solution that carries a cost. The right tools not only make us money, but also make work more enjoyable because they save time and make us more productive. This is the line in the sand that turns a cost into an investment.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, so a task that may seem easy to one person may be monumental to another, based on their particular and differing workload and workflow.

Also, the challenges can be widely different, for a one-person business or department versus a situation where there are numerous people as part of the process.

First and foremost, I believe my brain is for doing the work and completing the projects, NOT for trying to remember what that work or those projects are.

It is about removing the stress of forgetting what and when something needs to be done. That just leaves one with the stress of actually doing the work and then getting paid on time.

Yes, I could keep my life, both personal and business, organized with pen and paper but I don’t always have them in my hands. My smartphone is seldom out of reach, thus enters Omni Focus 2 for iPhone.

My essential ingredients for getting things done include:

1. Maintaining an accurate list of both single action items and multi-part projects

2. Organizing projects into an accurate and sequential list of individual action items

3. Keep Action Items sufficiently singular in nature (truly single actions)

4. Concentrate on the start date of the first action in a project (obviously that dates needs to reflect the required completion date)

5. As items come up as reminders, if original chosen time is not doable, I move the start by the hour, day, or week as needed.

6. I need to populate email to my HIGTD inbox to avoid losing emails that require action on my part

I hear a lot of people say that they check email at rigidly established times each day. I can’t do that and still operate efficiently. I can’t justify not being current with emails if a must do now email hits my email client and my practices will prevent me from seeing it for a number of hours. My greatest fear is that I’ll check email, discover an important To Do item that can in fact be done later and make a mental note to take care of it later, only to have it slip my mind. That is solved by Omni Focus Mail Drop. Now I can check email and have a vehicle to avoid BOTH having to act on it right away, and also not have to worry about forgetting about it.

Gain the ability to add items to an inbox anytime (iPhone) never have an excuse for not populating the inbox.

The Omni Focus 2 Forecast Mode shows me the demands on my time on a daily basis while the weekly review mode (Mac and iPad versions) in Omni Focus keeps all life’s tasks on the radar and eliminates the “cracks that can slip into which life’s To Do list.”

While all my tasks don’t always get completed as planned, I never forget about the need to prepare a quote, to pickup bread or milk, to check for delivery of a customer order, to stop at Home Depot, etc.

Omni Focus 2 for iPhone is for the person who is truly serious about getting and keeping a handle on virtually everything they need to do in every facet of their lives. I’ve only skimmed the surface of the myriad of features. Suffice it to say that OMNI Focus 2 for iPhone helps you get the job(s) done.

Omni Focus 2 for iPhone $19.99 from Omnigroup.

Marvin E. Sable
Network Laser Art

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