OfficeTime is a timeKEEPER!

OfficeTime is a timeKEEPER!

So I’m all in with Office Time. I’ve got the OS version for the desktop as well as the iOS version on both the iPad and iPhone. …and I love it!

For over thirty years I made valiant attempts to accurately record the time spent on creative projects whose ultimate billing was a reflection of and dependent upon my time expended. In some cases I would record the time on each successive draft, on others I would create a recap sheet and at other times I’ve tried to keep a spiral notebook with running record of all projects in one place. All of these options had their pros but they also had their cons. If this sounds familiar to you you’ll very much enjoy Office Time.

The need to write both starting and ending times and then do the math to turn the minutes into billing based on the applicable hourly rate was a time waster. Backing out the un-billable time occasioned by a phone call or other unplanned interruption was more guesswork than anything else. Was the guess short changing me or the client? Then there were the times when work was done on a project when the applicable time sheet was not in hand. Many a time the scribbled “note on a napkin” accounting for the time spent never ended up getting entered in the proper timesheet.

Enter Office Time (insert drum roll here). Simple. Effective. Pays for itself quickly.

Now, no matter where I am, I can accurately track the time I spend on anything and everything. I may not be in front of my iMac but likely will have the iPad nearby. If not, I’m never without the iPhone. Since Office Time syncs between its desktop and mobile apps I never lose track time earned nor bill for more time than spent. No guessing or reconstructing necessary unless I’m doing a lot of creative in the shower.

Everyone keeps track of time for different reasons. Some need to track billable time while some have an interest in recording time donated to a community project. – yet some do both.

Office Time allows you to create as many “projects” as you like and apply any number of “categories” to the time spent. While writing this review I stopped for a conference call and a simple click stopped the timing. On return another click to start session number two. The next interruption was unplanned taking me away from the iPad, leaving it idle for 15 minutes, although the timer kept running. On my return to the iPad I was reminded it had been idle for 15 minutes and given the option to deduct that time from the timer. Another simple but great feature.

Relying on reviews, however thorough, is not necessary since Office Time offers a fully featured 30 day demo.

This review took exactly 51 minutes to write. I know this because I use the iPhone App to record the time as I penned it on the iPad.

Marvin Sable


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