Productive Design Mac Bundle Recommended by CDPUG President, Henry Lee

I sent CDPUG President Henry Lee a link to this Productive Design Mac Bundle thinking it might be one of those CrapWare bundles to ignore. It’s not! Henry was so excited that he bought it on the spot. And Henry is a thrifty guy!  The bundle includes Ember, Pixa, Poser 10, Anime Studio Pro 10, Art Text 2, TotalFinder, and Design Hacker Bundle. I am looking forward to Henry animating my “SpikeBot” Action Figure at a future CDPUG Program!

The special goes until August  11, 2014. The bundle is 95% Off – Just $39.99 for $900 worth of tools!

Here is Henry’s reply.


That’s a phenomenal bundle for any designer wanting to do 3D, Animation, Illustration. The perfect bundle mix! I paid $49 just to upgrade to Poser 10 by itself, so this is a no brainer!!!!

Please post to blog! Will post to FB.



Here’s the link again.

Productive Design Mac Bundle Link

Hope you all enjoy,


P.S. The link is an affiliate link of Don McAllister of ScreenCastsOnline. ScreenCastsOnline is my favorite source for video training on Mac Products. Don has helped CDPUG with raffle prizes in the past, and so I am returning the favor. It is one of my fantasies that Don would present remotely to CDPUG. His content is great.

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