Subject: New Take Control books help you with Mac security and online privacy

Subject: New Take Control books help you with Mac security and online privacy

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No Mac is an island — our Macs are constantly connected to the outside world and store our most important data: financial records, email communications, personal photos, and goodness knows what else. Allowing an Internet hacker, malware app, or Wi-Fi sniffer to compromise the security of your Mac and its data could have far-reaching consequences in your real life. Happily, with some common sense and appropriate precautions, as outlined in Joe Kissell’s latest book, “Take Control of Security for Mac Users,” you can increase your security without undue inconvenience. The 159-page book is available by itself for $10.50 after the 30% MUG discount (embedded in the link below once you check out), but read on, since we have other new books too!

Get it for $10.50 >

Topics in “Take Control of Security for Mac Users” include:

* Determining your risk level (from 1-4)
* Implementing essential quick security fixes
* Controlling access to your Mac via a firewall
* Managing local access to your data with user accounts
* Sharing Mac resources like screens and files safely
* Securing your home network and working securely on someone else’s network
* Protecting your Mac’s data from snoops and thieves.
* Keeping your iCloud data (such as email and photos!) safe
* Deciding whether to use anti-malware software

Perhaps most important, you’ll also find advice about what to do if something bad happens, with suggestions about how to recover from data loss, a malware or phishing attack, a network intrusion, or identity theft.

Because security and privacy often blur together, we’ve also just published the second edition of Joe’s “Take Control of Your Online Privacy.” Concern about privacy is a spectrum, and we all hit it in different places. But it’s a fact that your online activities are being tracked and analyzed. Some of that is good — if you’re going to see ads, you’d probably prefer they were for products that interest you, but that targeting could result in you being charged higher prices or reveal an embarrassing medical condition. That’s just one example, but Joe has distilled all the questions we normal people have about privacy — and what you can do about them! — into this 135-page book. It’s also $10.50 after the MUG discount.

Get it for $10.50 >

Finally, if you’re interested in this topic, don’t miss Joe’s best-selling “Take Control of Your Passwords,” which he also just updated to work in the latest details. It’s only $7 after the MUG discount.

Get it for $7 >

Thank you for your support of the Take Control series!

cheers… -Adam & Tonya Engst, Take Control publishers

P.S. Check out some of our other recently released ebooks, all at 30% off:

* Take Control of the Mac Command Line with Terminal (new edition)
* Take Control of Numbers (includes a hands-on example spreadsheet)
* Photos for Mac: A Take Control Crash Course (30-page early-bird version)
* Take Control of PDFpen 7 (for major PDF manipulation)

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