Take Control of LaunchBar" teaches you to control your Mac from the keyboard

“Take Control of LaunchBar” teaches you to control your Mac from the keyboard

Why do so many Mac experts love LaunchBar, and what can it do for you? If you’ve never used LaunchBar, you likely don’t realize just how important a tool it is, and if you’re already a LaunchBar devotee, you’re probably experiencing only a fraction of LaunchBar’s goodness.

That was true for us, and we’ve been loyal, even fanatic, LaunchBar users for over a decade. Just how much more LaunchBar could do for us, and for any Mac user, became clear while working with author Kirk McElhearn and LaunchBar’s developers to create our latest ebook, “Take Control of LaunchBar.” The ebook normally costs only $10, but the 30% MUG discount drops that to $7 when you buy it from us via the first coupon-loaded link below. If you don’t yet own LaunchBar, Objective Development is bundling a free copy of the ebook with LaunchBar for a limited time (the second URL).


Most LaunchBar users love how it streamlines launching and switching between apps: invoke LaunchBar, type a few characters, and your app opens – and LaunchBar learns from what you do so you don’t have to memorize convoluted abbreviations or keystrokes. That core feature explains why LaunchBar is a favorite of many Take Control authors and TidBITS staffers, Macworld writers and editors, and other Mac experts.

In fact, lots of people use LaunchBar solely for accessing apps. That’s a shame, because LaunchBar can do so much more. The key is understanding LaunchBar’s five superpowers: abbreviation search, browsing, sub-search, Send To, and Instant Send. Learn them and you can take control of nearly any activity on your Mac, all from the keyboard so you don’t have to break your train of thought or move your fingers off the keys.

What can you do with LaunchBar? The sky’s the limit. You can open documents from obscure locations or into non-default apps. Move, copy, or alias files and folders. Control iTunes. Pipe text around rapidly, from a document to a Web search, from a Web page to the clipboard, from your clipboard history to an email message, and more. Put your Mac to sleep, attach files to email messages, send tweets, find phone numbers, start iMessage conversations, send a selected address to Google Maps, look up words in Dictionary, invoke Terminal commands, insert text snippets into documents, connect with Automator, and far, far more.

Still not convinced? Then ask the ordinary citizens portrayed in the documentary comic from our friends Snaggy and Nitrozac at Joy of Tech, who turned LaunchBar into an iconic superhero. (With Kirk as the author instead of Joe Kissell, this comic couldn’t be a “Joe of Tech,” so we’re calling it “Joy of Take.”)


Since we we can’t live without LaunchBar and adore showing it off to friends, we’re particularly delighted to bring you this book and jazzed at the opportunity to work with Objective Development. What we didn’t anticipate was how much we’d learn – it was almost embarrassing as we discovered how we’d only scratched the surface of what LaunchBar could do for us. LaunchBar is deep and subtle, but because it gets out of your way so quickly, it’s easy to overlook all it can do. That’s where Kirk’s “Take Control of LaunchBar” is essential – it’s the first comprehensive coverage of LaunchBar’s extensive feature set, complete with oodles of examples to get you thinking about how LaunchBar can help with your specific tasks.

So, whether you’re already a LaunchBar user or you’re tempted by the promise of making your Mac dance, sing, and do backflips, all from the keyboard, check out “Take Control of LaunchBar.”


Thanks for your support of the Take Control series!

cheers… -Adam & Tonya Engst, Take Control publishers

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