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With the Apple world settling down after the release of Lion, we’re turning our attention back to some of our other titles. For instance, Tonya has just finished the 1.3 update to her “Take Control of iPad Basics” to work in coverage of the iPad 2 and iOS 4.3, along with some early information about iCloud. To mark the occasion, we’re having a 50%-off sale on all our iOS-related ebooks, which go way beyond a short article or tip online to help you become a finger-swiping iOS ninja.

Click either link below to view the catalog and save 50% on any iOS-related title through August 14th. (You can switch between the “iPad” and “iPhone & iPod touch” topics in the Take Control Catalog and select ebooks from one or both before you click a green “Buy Selected Ebooks” button. You can also add ebooks from other topics, but they are not on sale.) The 50% discount will appear on the first screen of the cart.

iPad-focused titles: http://tid.bl.it/ipad-50-percent-off

iPhone & iPod touch-related titles: http://tid.bl.it/iphone-50-pct-off

Here are some things you can learn with these ebooks:

* Send and receive email more effectively on your iOS device, and make your email work better among various iOS devices and computers. Joe Kissell’s 104-page “Take Control of Mail on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch” is your key to easy, effective email!

* Make media more fun on your iPad. Learn about finding and reading ebooks, handling photos, watching movies, playing tunes, and more in the 158-page “Take Control of Media on Your iPad,” by Jeff Carlson. This ebook is meant to be an enjoyable read, and it takes you well beyond the basics.

* Sort out your working habits. Do you want to do word processing on your iPad? View spreadsheets? Give a presentation? Use it as a faithful companion at meetings and seminars? Joe Kissell’s 133-page “Take Control of Working with Your iPad” looks at what you can do in the real world with your shiny device, covering apps from both Apple and independent developers.

* Get a grip on your iPhone. If you’re just getting started with a new iPhone, you can improve your comfort and competency, and get more out of your device with the 146-page “Take Control of iPhone Basics,” by Karen G. Anderson (it’s essentially an iPhone version of “Take Control of iPad Basics.”). If you’ve been using the iPhone for a while, Glenn Fleishman’s 178-page “Take Control of iPhone and iPod touch Networking & Security, iOS 4 Edition” may be more interesting to you, with its details on making various types of network connections and a chapter about setting up an iPhone personal hotspot. (For iPad users, Glenn also has the 106-page “Take Control of iPad Networking & Security,” which discusses the iPad and the iPad 2 – CDMA and GSM – and iOS 4.3.)

* Ramp up on a topic, Macworld Superguide style. The colorful Macworld Superguides are written by a variety of experts (many of whom are also Take Control authors), and they collect tips and advice about a particular topic, including the iPad and iPhone, along with iOS-specific sections in ebooks on digital music and video, digital photography, and more. For instance, while the 196-page “Macworld Digital Photography Superguide” has chapters on how to buy and use a dedicated digital camera, it also discusses taking photos with an iPhone camera, third-party iPhone apps for editing photos, and working with iPhone-generated geotags in iPhoto.

Once again, to save 50% on one or more iOS-focused ebooks through August 14th, visit the Take Control Catalog at one of these links.

iPad-focused titles: http://tid.bl.it/ipad-50-percent-off

iPhone & iPod touch-related titles: http://tid.bl.it/iphone-50-pct-off

Thank you, as always, for your support of the Take Control series!

cheers… -Adam & Tonya Engst, Take Control publishers

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