The Top Mistakes Content Creators Make –And How to Avoid Them

Or for anyone at the meeting, they’re more like “misconceptions” than mistakes. Regardless, the presentation was very informative with facts ranging from copyright laws to rules on fair use. The speaker that presented is a well-known figure named Sharon L. Toerek, Principle Toerek Law (if you want to learn more about her in depth, you can right here) who is an attorney that specializes in legal assets for creative projects and properties.

Her knowledge was really prominent when she began her presentation and went into great detail about each slide, like her first slide for example. The first misconception reads, “My original ideas and concepts are protected by copyright law.” and Sharon Toerek goes into detail about how your ideas need to be more concrete before they can have any sort of protection to it. The list goes on, along with the questions everyone in the audience brought with them during the presentation. One of the questions came from a member who asked about a character on their business card resembling an already existing character, even though they made the card first. Sharon Toerek was able to reassure the designer that they won’t get into legal trouble, since the likeliness is not exact, and the company in question is overseas.

For those that couldn’t attend the meeting, Sharon Toerek was kind enough to share with us, the slides she used in her presentation. Although the audience members brought some very helpful questions, you can get just as much info out of these slides down below. If you would like a copy of the presentation itself, you can get it here. We hope you got a lot out of that meeting, because we sure did! Thanks again for talking Sharon Toerek!

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