Video Editing Boot-Camp for Graphic Designers. Bill Baraona’s Recommended Training Links

Video editing can be intimidating, especially with all the utilities you have at your disposal. Not only that, but you also have screen sizes and file sizes to consider when you render the finished project. There’s a lot to keep track of, and luckily an experienced video editor named Bill Baraona of Flex Media will be a speaker for our April 27th meeting: Video Editing Boot Camp for Graphic Designers. So make sure you bring all your video editing questions with you before you attend the upcoming event.

Bill was also kind enough to provide us with training links on that will be featured in his presentation. is available at no charge using your Cuyahoga County library card. Use this link to set-up your account.

Bill’s Picks:

Premiere Pro CC 2015 Training

Introduction to Video Editing

iMovie 10.1.1 Training

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